Dr. Frank Mugabe

MBChB, MSc, Ministry of Health, Uganda

Mugabe Frank Rwabinumi is the head of the Uganda National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Programme at the Ministry of Health in Uganda where for the past three years, he has spearheaded important programmatic initiatives to improve TB case detection and treatment in the country. He has led interventions in childhood TB, integration of TB and HIV services and in increasing access to universal drug susceptibility testing (DST) for patients with TB. He has also led the country in the revision of its National TB Strategic Plan and the mobilisation of resources to implement this plan by writing three successful global fund applications. He is at the helm of many countrywide studies including the recently concluded National TB Prevalence Survey. He is currently leading a study to investigate costs incurred by patients seeking care for TB services in an effort to design interventions to reduce the economic burden of access to TB care for patients in Uganda.