Lung Consortium International is an association of lung health experts (local and international) working together to respond to the increasing lung diseases epidemics. The consortium strives to establish community and research centres to address lung health issues locally and globally; Makerere University Lung Institute is one of the research centres established by the consortium.

Overall aim
The overall aim of the Lung Consortium is to improve the lung health of people in resource limited settings through awareness creation, reduction of exposure to risk factors, provision of cost effective and efficacious diagnostic and treatment interventions; and training high caliber community oriented lung health care professionals.

Specific aims

  1. To raise community awareness of lung diseases in resource limited settings

  2. To use implementation science models to identify, evaluate and implement cost effective and efficacious lung diseases diagnostics and interventions in resource limited settings

  3. To engage in cutting edge biomedical, epidemiology and clinical research for the advancement of lung health in resource limited settings and globally.

  4. Amidst all the above create a platform for training of high caliber lung health care professionals.

Founding members

  1. Dr. Bruce J Kirenga, MBChB, MMed, Makerere University, Uganda

  2. Dr. Rupert Jones, MD, PhD- University of Plymouth, UK

  3. Dr. William Worodria, MBChB, MMed, PhD-Mulago Hospital, Uganda

  4. Dr. Frederik van Gemert-MD-University of Groningen, The Netherlands

  5. Dr. Moses Joloba, MBChB, MS, MMed, PhD-Makerere University, Uganda

  6. Dr. Frank Mugabe, MBChB, MSc, Ministry of Health, Uganda

  7. Dr. Alphonse Okwera, MBChB, MMed, MS

  8. Dr. Gerald Kayingo, BSc., MSc, PhD, MMSC