Dr. Ssengooba is a Ugandan Mycobacteriologist with advanced skills in molecular biology and bioinformatics. He holds an Erasmus Mundus PhD in Transdisciplinary Global health Solutions Majoring in Molecular epidemiology of infectious Diseases from Universities of Amsterdam (Academic Medical Centre), Netherlands and Barcelona, Spain with laboratory training at the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM), Antwerp, Belgium.

Dr. Ssengooba has over 12 years’ experience working on TB/HIV-related projects in Africa. He has participated in several international tuberculosis clinical trials and studies as an investigator, trained and supervised personnel from a number of African countries in TB laboratory experiments. He contributed to the establishment of the BSL-3 CAP-Accredited (since 2014) TB facility at Makerere University with acceptable international standards.

He is also the Scientific Director of the Mycobacteriology BSL-3 Laboratory tasked with guiding TB research from protocol development to implementation, participate in grants applications, attract grants, teaching students and perform research. He has contributed to over 34 peer-reviewed publications in top-rated journals. He is interested in studying the impact of MTB genetic heterogeneity on disease presentation and on the novel molecular diagnostics as well as identifying novel TB treatment response monitoring tools.