Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR)

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a comprehensive program for people living with chronic lung disease who are limited with breathlessness and often have a decreased ability to perform the activities of daily life.

The PR aims at;

  • Encouraging physical fitness
  • Improving quality of life
  • Increasing participants’ ability to cope with the acute and chronic phases of chronic lung diseases.
  • Reducing hospital re-admissions

Pulmonary rehabilitation programme comprises of structured and well planned exercises, education on various topics,   and guiding patients on how to cope with the chronic lung disease.

The multidisciplinary PR team consists of a Physiotherapist, Nurse, Counselor, Doctor and Nutritionist who ensures that each ingredient of PR is correctly given and implemented.

The participants in the program must have been treated of TB and cured but he/she remained with breathlessness on exertion.

All participants are extensively assessed, examined and a baseline assessment and follow up forms filled for each by the doctor. The form includes; socio-demographic and risk factors, past history, symptoms, physical examination, tests and procedures, exercise capacity, spirometry, CCQ, and PHQ-9.

The programme takes 12 weeks (normally patients attend twice per week for 6weeks of education and supervised exercises in the hospital and the other 6weeks participants continue with the prescribed exercises at home). Follow up assessment and evaluation is done at the end of 6weeks and 12weeks.

N.B: It’s safe to exercise among patients with chronic lung diseases. You always remember the 4Ps;

PLAN how you will carry out the task.